Finance - Women in the driver's seat

One in four Australian families has a woman as the major breadwinner and about 75% of family financial decisions are either made jointly or solely by a woman. Clearly, women play a very major role in managing household finances and determining the course to help saving for the future.

With the success of our seminar series "The Big Picture", specially designed for women, our Financial Planning Manager, Vicki Adams has written an article to help you get in control of your finances.


Not for profit Reforms

The Australian Not-for-Profit sector provides many essential services that promote and foster community cohesion.

To be able to have the most impact in their focus areas, NFPs need a trusted partner to help with compliance, governance, reform, accounting and many other important functions.





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Leadership and trust
Trust and leadership are both privileges and need to be respected by those who have them.

Cloud accounting
Most of the main suppliers of accounting software are bringing out new "cloud" products. There are also some new entrants in the market. We have a look at some of the features and differences.

Falling interest rates
With recent interest rate falls the temptation for investors is to chase higher rates. Caution needs to be exercised.


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